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Edible Flowers

Use any of these flowers to jazz up a salad or just decorate any item on the table at a meal, even floating the flowers in drinks (like borage), and with some you can make infused vinegars with the flowers (like all the alliums, although we are not sure about the other flowers here).

Dianthus – Clusterhead Pink

Clusterhead Pink has heads of magenta flowers clustered on the ends of tall (2’–3′) wind resistant stems.

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Price(s): $4.00
Dianthus – Sweet William

Sweet William has been grown in gardens for hundreds of years. The flat topped flower heads are closely packed with single flowers mostly in shades of pink and red with some bicoloured. Biennial or short lived perennial.

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Price(s): $4.00
Dianthus – Maiden Pink

Maiden Pink is a rock garden or ground cover perennial. The plants are up to 1′ tall and are covered with white, pink, or red flowers.

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Price(s): $4.00
Dianthus – Maiden Pink ‘Arctic Fire’

Arctic Fire has white flowers with a brilliant redish pink eye on typical dwarf deltoides plants.

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Price(s): $4.00
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