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The Best Ways to Grow Raspberries in Alberta

Raspberries are known for their tartness and sweetness, a combination that would make you want to learn more about how to grow them in your backyard. Another thing is that these berries usually sell at high prices. 
So, let no one stop you from growing raspberries. If you’re from Alberta, it’s nice to know that these berries love its zone 3 climate.

Top 3 of the Best Fruits That Thrive in Cold Climates

Despite the challenge, you have many options of what fruit-bearing trees to plant in regions with cool climates, a.k.a. zone 3. You may find it surprising that certain fruit trees prefer a freezing temperature.
Here’s a look at your options for what fruit trees to grow in zone 3.
Fruit-Bearing Trees to Plant in Cold Climates

Tips to Grow Strawberries in Alberta

Once you have tasted strawberries you cultivated on your own, you will never go back to store-bought. They are sweeter, and you are assured of their freshness in each bite.
It’s a rewarding feeling to grow strawberries for personal consumption or to make jams. And yes, they can grow in Alberta. I can attest to that.
Cultivating A Strawberry Patch in Alberta