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When Should You Mow New Grass?

Growing a beautiful green lawn from scratch is exciting and meticulous. Until you get stuck in a rut, confused and wondering: when should you mow new grass?
The eagerness to see a well-manicured lawn often has many reaching for their mowers too soon. However, you must introduce mower blades to a newly seeded lawn at the right time for its health and longevity.

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Best Seeds For Agrivoltaics

As the demand for renewable energy rises, countries like Canada are exploring innovative solar practices to meet their energy goals. One such practice gaining popularity is agrivoltaics, which combines traditional solar installations like the ones discussed on Solar BC here with crop production. This comprehensive agrivoltaics research effort aims to maximize land use efficiency and foster sustainable agricultural practices.
Considering the local climate, this article will delve into Canada’s best seeds for agrivoltaics. It will also explore the unique challenges and benefits of growing crops …

Help With Winter Sowing in Zone 3 and Zone 4

The “winter sowing” practice often entails planting seeds early in the spring, typically in February or March. You will plant them in clear or semi-clear jugs and leave them to grow outdoors until it’s time to transfer them. 
Winter-sown plants endure the cold, snow, and ice outside. The container functions as a miniature greenhouse, shielding plants from the wind and hastening their germination.

Recommended Garden Seeds Stores in Canada

In Canada, there are many fantastic sites to acquire gardening seeds. Today I’ll go through some of the most well-liked and excellent sites to get seeds for your vegetable garden.
Where To Buy Your Seeds
Below is a list of Canadian garden seed companies I recommend for those looking and interested in improving their gardening skills:
Seed Companies in Alberta

Gardening Tips in the Cold Months

You don’t have to stop doing what you love most because it’s cold. Instead, you can choose the right plants to thrive amid freezing temperatures.
We’re here to help you get started on growing vegetables in the winter. Go to our website and register for online training via Zoom. 

Tips to Saving Seeds for Novices

Learning how to save seeds from flowers and some vegetables is simple. I typically store seeds I’ll use in my garden the following year.
It’s fulfilling and enjoyable to save vegetable seeds for the next year, and it’s another step toward permaculture and becoming less reliant on others.
Pointers in Preserving Seeds

The Best Ways to Grow Raspberries in Alberta

Raspberries are known for their tartness and sweetness, a combination that would make you want to learn more about how to grow them in your backyard. Another thing is that these berries usually sell at high prices. 
So, let no one stop you from growing raspberries. If you’re from Alberta, it’s nice to know that these berries love its zone 3 climate.

Top 3 of the Best Fruits That Thrive in Cold Climates

Despite the challenge, you have many options of what fruit-bearing trees to plant in regions with cool climates, a.k.a. zone 3. You may find it surprising that certain fruit trees prefer a freezing temperature.
Here’s a look at your options for what fruit trees to grow in zone 3.
Fruit-Bearing Trees to Plant in Cold Climates

Tips to Prepare Soil For Planting

Registration is now open to those who want to discover how to test garden soil at home using a basic test kit and how to amend the soil based on the results. 
The course also lets you know what to do before planting your garden. Find out what to add to your soil and what fertilizers to use. 

Top Considerations When Starting a Vegetable Garden

Growing vegetables is gratifying in so many ways. It puts fresh harvests on your table, gives you exercise, and is fun. 
Let me share some gardening tips if you want to cultivate vegetables but are unclear on how to begin your vegetable garden.
Tools for Planting a Vegetable Garden

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