Author: Coral Hart

Tips to Prevent Growing Leggy Seedlings

Growing plants is exciting, but you have to do everything right to ensure the wait is worth it. One of the most common problems gardeners have is the weak development of seedlings, which look leggy and appear as if they would fall anytime.

Tips to Grow Strawberries in Alberta

Once you have tasted strawberries you cultivated on your own, you will never go back to store-bought. They are sweeter, and you are assured of their freshness in each bite.
It’s a rewarding feeling to grow strawberries for personal consumption or to make jams. And yes, they can grow in Alberta. I can attest to that.
Cultivating A Strawberry Patch in Alberta

The Best Gardening Tools You Can Buy Online

Online stores are a haven for gardeners looking for tools and various products to make their work easier and faster. You’ll be amazed at the range of products you will find.
Here are some of my favorites; check them out!
1. Watering Timer

Ideas on Starting Seeds Indoors

You will realize how cost-effective it is to start plants from seed indoors once you have tried doing it. It’s easy, but you have to do it right. 
Here are the tricks to help you get started with it:
1. Grow Lights
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Helpful Products for Indoor Gardening

The best thing about indoor growing plants is that you will have harvests even during winter. So how do you go about the process if you live in a zone 3 region?
Here are some tips to get this done properly:
1. Use Grow Lights
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Planting Peppers in Zone 3 Climates

Many gardeners love planting peppers because of how expensive they can get in stores. While they are relatively easy to grow, you may have a bit of a challenge if you live in a cool region.

Plant Your Peppers …

Tips for Planting Bush Beans

Tips for Planting Bush Beans
It is simple to raise bush beans in pots or in your backyard garden. Your kids will enjoy it, so invite them when you’re ready to begin. 
Moreover, the soil will also benefit from the planted beans. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone: you’ll plant beans and have healthier soil. This is because legume plants, including beans, add nitrogen to the soil.

Guide on Growing Asparagus

As a perennial plant, asparagus thrives in cool regions. It’s relatively easy to grow this plant every year, especially when the plant bed has become established at a proper location.
You can grow asparagus by propagating older plants, crowns, and seeds. I have tried growing them from crowns and seeds in a raised bed in my backyard.

Learning About Vegetable Gardening

Get more hints about growing simple vegetables and the factors that affect the venture’s success.
We’re inviting you to join our online course to find the right plants for your garden and the essential factors in growing them. Learn from the pros about what to do and what to avoid. 

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