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Welcome to our new website 2014!

Hello fellow gardeners, seed savers, curious folks and people who accidentally happened upon this site in one way or another!

Welcome to our newly designed, finally up and running, Prairie Garden Seeds website! We hope this new site will get people excited about gardening, growing food, seed saving, preserving the rich biodiversity we have when we grow food on a smaller scale, counteracting the monoculture trend in food production, taking back power in our broken food system and that it will encourage you to passionately share about these topics with others. We will continuously be updating things here in the hopes of allowing you to more fully get an idea of what seed saving entails, how amazingly fun, satisfying and fulfilling it is, and how to do it yourself!

The major changes we have made to the site are, entering our whole catalogue into a database system which we hope will make it easier to navigate and find things people are looking for. Because of this database organization we are also able to more easily add photos for each item in the catalogue. This will be an ongoing project as all the photos will be taken by us, so we encourage you to check back often as we will add pictures as we have them organized. We will also be adding seed saving notes and planting instructions for each section as we get around to it. Many people have requested this kind of information from us over the years, so we are working on making it all available here on the site for you! Also, the flowers categories are incomplete and will be added to over the course of the next few months.

We would love to have your feedback as we want this site to be helpful, fun and educational so let us know what you think of the new site and if you have any suggestions for improvement or if there are specific things you like the way they are and don’t want us to change. Check back often for updates and enjoy browsing!

Glad you stopped by to check out the seediness!

Sincerely, Rachelle (and Jim)

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