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Leaf Crops

Most of these plants are leafy, however we are extending leafy to include edible stalks/stems (eg. celery and chard) and swollen stems (eg. kohl rabi) as well. You will find Spinach in the Chenopodium family and everything else should be fairly straight forward. Most leaf crops appreciate or even prefer some shade, cool moist weather is ideal for these plants. Edible flowers are here because petals are simply a kind of specialized leaf after all!

St. Mary’s Milk Thistle

St. Mary’s Milk Thistle has striking rosettes of large glossy, dark green, spiny leaves streaked and marbled with white, followed by 2” wide rose-purple faintly scented flower heads on 4-6’ stalks. Very attractive to bees and birds who love the seeds. Seed is both edible and has medicinal properties. Direct Seed.

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Price(s): $4.00

Valerian has domed heads of delicate white to pink scented flowers on 3’—4′ plants. Likes full sun and moist soil. The highly aromatic roots are used to make a sedative. Valerian is a host for parasitic wasps that are helpful in the garden.

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Price(s): $4.00
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