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Flowers and Decorative Plants

Flowers are important not only for aesthetics, but to provide a diverse smorgasbord that encourages pollinators in your garden! It is somewhat arbitrary to divide flowers into annuals and perennials as many which are perennials in their native habitats are annuals here as they will not survive our cold winters. We have put biennials with perennials. Many flowers also have edible parts (flowers, leaves, seeds) and others are considered traditional medicinal plants.

European Feather Grass

European Feather Grass is an erect clump forming grass about 2’ tall. Each seed has a beautiful long feathery awn attached to it that dances in the wind.


Price(s): $4.00
Porcupine Grass

Porcupine Grass is a clump forming grass to over one meter growing from southern Saskatchewan south across the US great plains. The long awns give an airy appearance to the seed heads.



Price(s): $4.00
Nanking Cherry

Nanking Cherry is a delightful small cherry. We have a fine stand at St. Peter’s Abbey, a row of a couple dozen bushes all grown from seed. They are more variable in height, fruit colour and yield than commercial plants which are clones, but they have produced wonderful crops the last two years as the plants are reaching full size.


Price(s): $4.00
Chinese Wolfberry/Goji Berry

Chinese Wolfberry/Goji Berry is a small shrub related to tomatoes, that has been quite hardy here for a number of years. The slender branches have small mauve tubular flowers along their length all summer. The orange-red teardrop shaped fruits (sweet and edible) are more showy than the flowers, hanging from the branches from August to freeze-up. Apparently the leaves can be used as greens or to make tea.


Price(s): $4.00
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