Encouraging home gardening and seed saving since 1986


Largo Farm

“Largo Farm is located on a small lake on the edge of the Thickwood Uplands. It is a traditional mixed farm based on domestic production, processing, and use of much of our own food, fibre, and fuel and the production of a sufficient surplus for cash. There are large gardens producing vegetables, dry beans, and open-pollinated seeds and small fields for grain, hay, pulses, and oilseeds. We have a small grass-fed dairy/beef herd for home dairy, cheese, and meat; sheep for wool and meat; feeder pigs; and chickens for eggs and meat. No agricultural chemicals or fertilizers have been used since 1976. Nature Saskatchewan holds conservation easements in perpetuity on the land. All our feed is produced here and no antibiotics or other treatments are used on our stock. We do our own slaughtering and butchering on the farm. We do much of our work by hand and horse but still rely on our tractors. The farm is off-grid and we do not have running water. We offer hospitality to people wanting to experience a radically different traditional domestic life in place.”

Located near Cochin, Saskatchewan on Murray Lake. This is Jim’s sister and her family. This land is neighbour to the land where Rachelle plans on returning, to farm and base Prairie Garden Seeds once again. They offer CSA summer and winter shares and sometimes even sell veggies to others not a part of the CSA depending on the harvest.

Hazelridge Farm/Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds

“We have been farming organically since the 1970s, and selling high quality organic sprouting seed for over 30 years. We’ve modeled Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds on the core principles of organic agriculture: environmental stewardship and sustainability.” Located near Shellbrook, Saskatchewan.

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