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The 2018 updates to the website have been completed!

You can download the PDF version of our complete 2018 listing here.

Click here to view and print the Prairie Garden Seeds 2018 Order Form.

NOTE that this is not an online Order Form. You will have to print the form, write your order by hand, put it in an old-fashioned envelope with a cheque (made out to RACHELLE TERNIER or JIM TERNIER) for the appropriate amount and mail it to the address in Humboldt.

During the peak season it might take six weeks to process an order. We encourage you to group orders whenever you can. On orders sent to one address there is only one handling charge, and there is a 10% discount on orders over $100. I hope you will forgive us if we occasionally group orders when it seems appropriate. If you are dissatisfied with any of our seeds, we will replace them, refund you your money or give you a credit.

In an attempt to keep our shipping prices low (for you and for ourselves), we package things in the most mutually beneficial ways possible. This may involve splitting your order into several parcels to get it through the mail for an appropriate rate. Also for ease of shipping, we combine multiple packets when possible (ex. 2 x 50g Green Crop Green Bean, would go into one envelope). The appropriate contents will always be there (unless otherwise noted) but this makes packaging and shipping easier and cheaper. We also use recycled packaging materials as much as possible.

We love to meet our customers so if you live near enough you are welcome to stop by and pick up your seed order in person. In this case, you may simply email (or mail of course) your seed order and we can arrange a date and time for pickup; payment upon pickup is fine.

We also travel to Saskatoon frequently enough that we can often arrange delivery of seed orders in Saskatoon.

Throughout the months of February, March and April, we can be found at various Seedy Saturday events across the Prairie provinces. We encourage customers to pick up their orders at one of these events, ordering ahead of time by mail or e-mail. For 2018, we will be attending seven events in Saskatchewan (Yorkton, Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, North Battleford, Meadow Lake, and Prince Albert), and two in Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton) so far. Note that we will not be attending the Winnipeg event this year unfortunately due to all of the changes going on for us and extra work we have currently with moving. For more information please see the events page.

You can download the PDF version of our complete 2018 listing here.

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