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Allium cepa

Onion – Red Baron

Red Baron Onion is described as a red bunching onion. In reality, it is an Allium cepa (bulb onion), not an Allium fistulosum (bunching onion), but it is very slow growing and in the first year from seed only produced a minimal amount of bunching onions. Jim was so disappointed in it that he didn’t harvest anything, and all the plants survived the winter outdoors. In the second year, they produced large deep red bulbs and seed (some produced both bulbs and seed but not all). Jim harvested all the seed and the bulbs and replanted the bulbs in the spring of 2017, from which he harvested a good amount of seed last fall. He also grew a row from seed and again the onions remained small and have been left in the garden to overwinter. For those who want to try this interesting onion, we are offering 1g packets.

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Price(s): $4.00
Packet Size(s): 1 gram
Yellow Globe Danvers

Yellow Globe Danvers (1865) is a large round yellow onion that is a good winter keeper.


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Price(s): $4.00
Packet Size(s): 2 grams
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